Swimming Pool-Heat Pump Solutions

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Swimming Pool-Heat Pump Solutions

How the copeland heat pump makes a difference 
heating  a swimming pool during low ambient conditions can consume a lot of electricity: leading to high energy bills. You can improve your swimming pool's heating efficiency by installing an energy efficient pool heat pump. 
These are typically sized to match the average heat loss from a swimming pool, therefore the initial warm up times are likely to be longer.once the initial temperature is achieved, heat pumps will maintain the pool temperature to compensate for the evaporative & other heat losses . throughout the entire swimming season and beyond. copeland heat pumps maintain the disired water temperature efficiently at a significantly lower cost.

Parameters  Commercial Heat Pump Heating Solar  Electric Heating LPG Diesel
Energy savings w.r.t conventional  Up to 85% 60-75% N.A N.A N.A
Space Requirement 5% of Solar N.A 5% of Solar 5% of Solar 5% of Solar
Climate Independent Yes  No N.A N.A N.A
Efficiency  Up to 400% Up to 95% Up to 95% Up to 80% Up to 80%
Maintenance Minimal Panel Cleaning High Moderate High
Environment Friendly Yes  Yes Yes No No
Safety Yes Yes Moderate No Moderate
Depreciation 40% in 1st  Year 40% in 1st Year No No No

Technical Details

Pool Size     30m3 50m3 100m3
Model Name     EHP-Z004k-TEP/TBP-001 EHP-Z008K-TEP/TBP-001 EHP-Z017K-TEP/TBP-001
Power Supply       380V/50Hz/3ph  
Operating Ambient Temp.   0C   0 to 43  
Max Water Temperature    0C   35  
  Capacity Kw 13 22 43
  Input Power  Kw 2.6 4.4 8.6
Water Heating COP -   5.0  
  Max.Input Current A 5 7.6 21
  Refrigerant Gas -   R22/R407C  
Compressor Type - Scroll/ZW Scroll/ZW ZW Scroll
  Quantity pcs 1 1 2
Fan Motor Supply Volt/ph.   230V/50Hz/1ph  
Heat Exchanger Type/Model -   Titanium Tube  
  Inlet Pipe Size mm/Inch   50/2"  
Water Piping Outlet Pipe Size mm/Inch   50/2"  
  Min.Water Flow LPH 3800 7300 16500
  Max.Water Flow LPH 4600 9200 18000
Dimensions Dimension (DxWxH) mm 490*1140*810 710*1216*995 710*1250*1335
  Approx. Weight Kg 110 180 250


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