Off Grid Solar Power Plant

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Off Grid Solar Power Plant


  • Single Phase /three phase AC poser with Backup
  • Pure sine wave autput
  • Hybrid system for uninterrupted power supply
  • Remote monitoring for trouble free operating 
  • Suitable for Homes,Bungalows, offices,commercial establishments.
  • R&D laboratories,Rural Hamlets,Commnity centers etc.
  • Modular design from 1kw to 100kw with backup
  • Roof top / ground Mountable



India Solar’s Off-Grid PV system are gaining a lot of demand these days and is one of our most successful products as it provides increased choices and flexibility resulting in increasing level of reliability of deployments. Off-Grid systems are most commonly used for customers whose business operations are highly active round-the-clock. These include hospitals, hotels, manufacturing industries and those specific places such as poultry farms, hatcheries and resorts etc. with limited/highly unsteady grid supply where uninterrupted power is a must.

Our Off-Grid PV Systems use a "battery bank" where solar power produced during the day can be stored for future usage. System sizing are customized according to individual customer needs depending on electrical load and back up requirements. It is after this analysis that the system sizes and battery size are designed. Thus Off-Grid PV systems can be designed so as to operate either as a source of power back up during power cuts or as total off-grid systems whose power needs are solar dependent.

India Solar's Off-Grid systems are synched with the existing grid/DG systems keeping the focus on the system produced solar power as the primary source of power. When there is inadequate or nil solar generation, power stored from the batteries is consumed and only after the batteries are fully discharged, does the Off-Grid system connect to the respective Grid/Diesel Genset sources.

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant: Providing Sustainable Energy to Remote Areas

Solar India Enterprises is delighted to provide an environmentally friendly and trustworthy energy option with our Off Grid Solar Power Plant technology. Our off-grid solar power plant is built to deliver a consistent and adequate power supply for isolated locations that have restricted grid connectivity.

Why Select Our Solar Power Plant for Off-Grid Use?

As a top off-grid solar system manufacturer and supplier, we know the specific energy requirements of remote places. Given its simple installation and maintenance, our off-grid solar power plant is best suited for off-grid cabins, isolated industrial locations, and rural villages.

Essential Details of Our Off-Grid Solar Power Plant
- Reliability: Especially in isolated places our off-grid solar power plant is manufactured keeping in mind to deliver a trustworthy and continuous electricity supply.
- Scalability: The configuration of our off-grid solar system setup allows it to effortlessly expand and accommodate your facility's growing energy requirements.
- Low Maintenance: Owning to its easy and low maintenance, our off-grid solar power plant saves money and downtime.
- Eco-Friendly: Lessen your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection by using our off-grid solar power plant.

How Does Our Solar Power Plant Operate Off-Grid?
The off-grid solar power system comprises of three main parts: an inverter, a battery bank, and solar panels. The solar panels capture the sun's energy during the day that gets stored in the battery bank. This stored electricity has the capacity to run appliances, lights, and other electrical equipment, giving a dependable power supply.

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The Off Grid Solar Power Plant from Solar India Enterprises is the best option when it comes to searching for a dependable and environmentally friendly energy source for your establishment. As a top producer and supplier of off-grid solar systems, we're dedicated to giving you the best goods and services possible. Contact us today to learn more about our off-grid solar power plant and how it can benefit your facility.

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