Solar Charge Controller

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Solar charge controller



  • Maximizes energy harvest.
  • provides power boost.
  • Extensive electronics protections.Detection of multiple power points for partial shadow of PV arrays.
  • Integrated temperature compensation.
  • Zero power losses.
  • Adequate control of charging process (gives the short time available)
  • Protection against over charging.
  • Protection against too deep discharge.
  • Prevention of discharge of battery via module 
  • It also provide for the protection arrangement against the lighting and surges.


Product Details:

Power 12V/10AMP
Rated Voltage 220V
Application Solar System Controller

We offer solar super converter cum solar charge controller for existing inverters. If you own an inverter system then by connecting our solar converter you can convert your existing non solar inverter system into a solar inverter. This gives priority to solar charging and allows only the solar panel or mains to charge the battery at a time.

The switch over between solar and mains is automatic. Some of the features of solar converter are:

(1) Coverts existing non solar inverter into a solar inverter.

(2) 12V and 24V auto select systems are available.

(3) 10 Amp,20 Amp,30 Amp and 40 Amp models are available

(4) Auto switch over between solar and AC mains.

(5) Manual selection also available in case solar charging is not sufficient in cloudy whether.

(6) LED display for charging status

(7) Housed in a rugged steel cabinet.


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