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Solar street light



  • High intensity , high uniformity and glare eliminated light
  • Module integrated design, long life , easy maintenance
  • Super bright led source with photometric design for rectangular beam pattern 
  • DC/AC type for easy adaptation to standby and centralized modes
  • Perfect for roads,expressways,highways 
  • Eliminates the visual fatigue, which is caused by traditional street lights
  • High colour indes (>75)
  • Tremendous energy saving compared to traditional lamp 
  • Totally green, no lead , no mercury and no pollution 
  • No hassle of buld replacements


Illuminate Your Streets with Solar Street Lights from Solar India Enterprises

An outdoor lighting fixture, solar street lighting, brightens streets and other public spaces. Solar street lights run automatically, turning on after dusk and off after dawn. This is known as the dusk-to-dawn operation. The streetlights in question function independently. Installing the solar street light in a shadow-free region or with constant access to direct sunshine is recommended. The street lighting system comprises the SPV Module, Charge Controller Unit, Battery, Luminary, Interconnecting Cables, and Pole. Leading producer and supplier of solar street lights, Solar India Enterprises offers premium, energy-efficient solar street lights for lighting driveways, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. Our solar street lights are designed to provide reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective lighting solutions, reducing energy costs and environmental impact..

Why Select Solar Street Lights from Us?

Why buy solar street lights from us? We take pride in providing long-lasting and dependable solar street lights that are made to adapt to any weather. This makes us a very prominent solar street light manufacturer in Delhi. Our solar street lights are straightforward to install and are a one-time thing that doesn't need upkeep, making them a perfect lighting solution for various outdoor applications.

Some of the essential specifications of our solar street lights are that they are economical and ecologically suitable since they run on solar energy, which is a renewable resource. This makes it energy efficient. To ensure economical energy consumption, our solar street lights are outfitted with smart sensors that trigger the lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Hence, everything is automated. As a reputable solar street light provider, we ensure that our lights are long-lasting and work well over time by using premium materials in their construction. Which means the durability is not compromised. We provide customized solar street light systems to satisfy our clients' unique lighting needs and provide the best possible illumination performance.

Our Solar-Powered Street Lights' Advantages are that they are very economical; since solar street lights don't require costly electrical wiring, installation expenses are lower. They are eco-friendly. By lowering carbon emissions and reducing dependency on fossil fuels, solar-powered street lighting contributes to environmental protection. They are low maintenance because solar street lights require less upkeep and have lower continuous operating expenses. With all this, our solar-powered street lights are a very dependable lighting choice because our Solar-powered street lights ensure safety and security by providing consistent lighting, even in the event of a power loss.

Our solar streetlights are suitable for a wide range of outdoor lighting applications, including:
- Street lighting
- Garden lighting
- Pathway lighting
- Campus lighting
- Security lighting
- Parking lot lighting


6 Mtr HDGI Octagonal Pole
Top-70 Bottom-130
Thickness- 2.7mm
Base plate- 200X200X12
Pole Price : 5,500/-
J-Bolt : M18X600X4 : 650/- set
HDGI Single arm 1 mtr Bracket :750/-
HDGI Double arm 1 mtr Bracket :1050/-


9 Mtr HDGI Octagonal Pole
Top-70 Bottom-155
Base Plate- 260X260X16
Pole : 10,400/-
J-Bolt : M24X600X4 1250/- set
HDGI Single arm 1 mtr Bracket :750/-
HDGI Double arm 1 mtr Bracket :1050/-


# Ex. Factory at Wakaner Boundary, Rajkot
# Tax and Transport extra.
# Payment terms 30% advance and remaining before dispatch.
# Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks.
# Price is valid for a week.

Reasons for Selecting Solar India Enterprises?

In order to meet the needs of our clients, Solar India Enterprises is committed to providing high quality solar street lighting. To fully understand the specific lighting needs of our clients and to provide solutions that are specifically designed for their requirements, we have a team of experts working together with them. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable lighting solutions that lower customers' energy costs and their impact on the environment.

Solar India Enterprises is a great choice if you're looking for cheap and reliable solar street lights. We are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality solar street lights as a recognized producer and supplier of Solar Street Lights. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in learning more about our Solar streetlights and how they can help your installation of outdoor lighting.

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