Solar On Grid Power Plant

on the grid solar power system

Solar On Grid Power Plant!


  • AC power at 220v/230/440v
  • single / three phase
  • Grid feed at 11KVA to 66KVA
  • Roof top / ground mountable with option of tracking for higher energy yield.
  • Maximum power harvesting with full range of protection.
  • Online remote monitoring through internet for trouble free operation and recording power generating and carbon savings.

Solar India Enterprises is highly proactive in manufacturing the most effective solar power solutions and the Grid-Tie System is one among the most popular ones that we install. The unique feature is that this system is operative during the Solar Window time period that is 8AM to 5PM. This ensures the smooth functioning of the various day-time power dependent processes for business enterprises. In this way, the dependency on the unsteady local grid and costly diesel generators can be avoided and this helps in creating an eco-friendly environment as well.
Our solutions are tailor-made so as to fulfill the exact solar power requirements of our clients based on the existing power demand and recourses in their enterprise. We have the best team on board who take care of every technical detail with respect to the installation process in the solar power plant and maintain the optimum size so that 100% of produced power goes for "Captive" consumption. This will in turn lead to zero wastage and help gain maximum return on investment.
Solar India Enterprises Roof-top systems offer seamless integration in line with the existing energy infrastructure (local grid, Diesel GenSet, other Hybrid Power plants), in order to expand the scope of the customer energy sources. During the cloudy, bad weather, lower irradiance, force majeure events on certain days when our solar system are operating below optimal capacity, we have techniques where power will be sourced from the other energy for un-interrupted supply of power to the business units. The main aim of the Grid-Tie systems is not only power generation but this contributes towards removing the day-time diesel usage and reduction of monthly electricity bills. The Grid-Tie system is very beneficial for business concerns like Educational Institutes and Banks where the power consumption is highly imperative during the day time.

Solar On Grid Power Plant: Efficient and Sustainable Energy Solution for Your Home

The solar on-grid power plan system from Solar India enterprise is a very affordable and durable renewable source of energy for your house. Our residential on-grid solar systems are made to provide you with an environmentally friendly and low-cost energy option that lessens your carbon footprint and lowers your power costs. On-grid solar system cost from us is the best you can get. If you are looking for anything like this, Solar India Enterprise is the right place to choose from

Why Should Your Home Invest in Our On-Grid Solar System?

The reasonable pricing we give for our on-grid solar systems makes them a very cost-effective choice for all households that wish to convert to solar energy. If you choose our on-grid solar system installation services, you can be assured that it will be done very effectively and accurately. Our professionals will oversee the installation procedure, from system design to getting the required permissions and installation.

1. Reliability: With our on-grid solar system, you can reduce your dependency on the grid by having a reliable source of clean energy.

2. Efficiency: With our on-grid solar system, you can generate more power with fewer panels because of its exceptional efficiency.

3. Sustainability: By making use of our on-grid solar system, you are having a beneficial environmental impact.

4. Cost-effective: Our on-grid solar system cost is so affordable that your daily electricity cost could go down drastically.

Our On Grid Solar System: How Does It Operate?

By connecting our on-grid solar system, you may use the grid's electricity when the power produced by your solar panels isn't enough. When excess energy from your solar panels is sent back into the grid, your electricity bill may be credited.

Switching to solar power is now simpler than ever. Please get in touch with Solar India Enterprises for more details about our off-grid residential solar system. With our cost-effective installation services and competitively priced on-grid solar system expenses, you can benefit from clean, renewable energy immediately. Choose Solar India Enterprises for all of your solar power needs.

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